A new direction

It is my belief that our democracy in this Country is fundamentally broken and requires major changes to restore it to a true democracy that we can be proud of. One that is tolerant, egalitarian, fair, just and considers the need of all our people – not just particular vested interests.

This is not specifically a question of political leaning. Injustice and abuse can come from all points on the political spectrum, whether you consider it the politics of the Left or the Right or somewhere in the middle. Whatever your political leaning, if indeed you have any, you are welcome to contribute – unless your views are totally incompatible with a healthy, tolerant society – so we will not accept what might be considered deviation from the norms of civilised behaviour that we would like to uphold. We will not accept comments that discriminate against people based on their age, gender, sexual orientation, religious views or anything else that is designed to differentiate between the rights of individuals to be treated with respect and dignity. There are places for people like that – but it is not here!
 Be controversial by all means if you wish, but we will not accept comments or behaviour that fails to treat all our citizens with dignity and respect.
Sign up now and join the debate – who knows we might just make a difference.


About societyfirst

A blog dedicated to the desire for a more equitable and caring society which explores opportunities to create a better way of life for the majority of our people.
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4 Responses to A new direction

  1. Tony Pirog says:


    This is not a scam. I agree with you here, and have some ideas of my own. Please click on the link.

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