Grumpy old Man? – You Bet I am!

Grumpy Old ManThose of you familiar with the TV programme ‘Grumpy Old Men’ will understand the format.

A bunch of ageing guys venting their frustration on anything and everything that irritates them about modern life.

For some reason, the opposite gender version, doesn’t seem to work for me. Women, on the whole, are more positive.

For me, “Grumpy” is a male thing. It is what the “Angry Young Man” becomes when he is finally bowed by the system. When he realises that there is nothing in this World that somebody cannot make a little cheaper; and a little worse! When he accepts that politicians lie because that is what they do – it is their credentials for the job.

When he sees the futility of writing to some pen-pushing bureaucrat responsible for yet another “traffic calming” scheme that he has narrowly avoided crashing into; or walked out of a public toilet hygienically wiping his hands on the seat of his trousers because life seems too short to stand holding them under some machine, apparently containing an asthmatic gerbil coughing gently in a vain attempt to dry them. (Assuming of course, you can actually find a public toilet these days!)

Is it part of the ageing process for men? Is it Darwinism in practice? An evolutionary requirement preparing us for what my dear old Father used to call “The Big Kip”?

“Those whom the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad!” I think it was said by Euripidies, but it could have been Davina McCall or some other such intellectual giant. (Davina McCall, just don’t get me started…….)

Actually, no, I don’t think we are all mad. Some of us have always known our Banks are run by avaricious, incompetent, chocolate teapots. We always knew our politicians were liars (the way you can tell is that their lips move!)

The difference is that in the “old days” at least they used to pretend they were honest! – Now they don’t give a damn.

Our children suffer from a lack of role models. Our politicians slaughter innocent people wholesale and are never called to account, innocent young men are shot dead on the underground and no one is apparently at fault, bankers steal our money and seemingly are exempt from prosecution, the press routinely hack private telephone calls, Lords allegedly offer to take money to try and influence legislation but apparently cannot be sacked, ministers “forget” to declare donations and claim ludicrous expenses and it seems we cannot even remove Knighthoods and Peerages from convicted criminals!

We have seen recently what appears to be organised and high-level corruption in our police service as mass alterations are made to evidence from a disaster that led to the death of 96 people.

Yet one ignorant paparazzi pointing a long-lens camera in the direction of a topless royal is described as ‘grotesque’ and immediately leads to court action!

“All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” The statement by George Orwell has never been truer – until we start making an example of some high level crooks, our society is going to remain broken – how is what our leading bankers have done any different to the young offender smashing a car window to steal a car stereo – except in its scale? How can we slaughter thousands of innocent women and children to steal oil and criticise the young thug who steals a pension book?

Grumpy? – You bet I’m grumpy! – and I see very little chance of it changing whilst we continue to let these high level criminals go unpunished; until our leaders stop behaving like pigs with their snouts in the trough – and start instead to lead by example.

As a wise old Police Sergeant used to say to me when I was a green young recruit to the Thames Valley Police in the 1970s. “Always remember son, the first rule of enforcing the Law, is living within it.”



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