Sharing the biscuits

Ginger BiscuitsThe desire to recover control of our Western Democracies from wealthy vested interests is a universal one. It is difficult though when these vested interests constantly operate a ‘Divide and Conquer’ policy to turn us all against each other.

The benefit system in the UK is NOT supporting the vulnerable in the main. Given that most benefit recipients are in fact WORKING, the reality is our benefit system is primarily going to subsidise big business who refuse to pay a true ‘living wage’ to their workers. In the UK our current Government cynically and deliberately try to turn different groups of ordinary people against each other, simply to distract us all from the constantly increasing re-distribution of wealth from the poor to the rich – the complete opposite of what really should happen.
Imagine a Banker, a government Minister, a working citizen on mimimum wage and a person living off welfare sitting around  table on which is a plate of 10 biscuits.
The bankers and the politician immediately steal 8 of the biscuits, leaving 1 each for the other two at the table.
The politician then warns the minimum wage worker that he needs to watch the welfare claimant because he is trying to steal a bit of his biscuit!
It really is that cynical and transparent.
To show that it is a universal problem here is a link to the blog of Tony Piroq in the USA.


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