npower – no corporation tax for 3 years!

npowerAccording to the campaigning group 38 degrees,

“last week we found out Npower hadn’t paid a penny in corporation tax in the last three years. Now a tax expert – paid for by donations from 38 Degrees members – has uncovered the likely explanation. They’re funneling profits made in the UK through a shell company in Malta. It looks like this has helped them dodge £60 million in tax over the last four years!

We’ve got them. And it’s donations from 38 Degrees members that have uncovered this scam. Other tax dodging companies have backed down once the glare of publicity is on them. This newspaper coverage, and our 100,000 signature strong petition is a great start. Now it’s time to take this straight to Npower’s chief executive.

Please click here to send Npower CEO Paul Massara an email demanding he meets with 38 Degrees members and tells us how he’ll put an end to this immoral tax dodge”


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