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Nigel FarageIsn’t it interesting that at a time when we are seeing the total collapse of the Capitalist system, where inequality is growing faster than it has ever done, where our utilities are milked dry by private interests who steal our money to profit already obscenely rich individuals. At a time that our NHS is being privatised and our citizens are forced to pay more and more for less and less. Where food is taken out of the mouths of children, where the disabled are attacked and the poor are starved, the elderly have to choose between food and heating. When our politicians, police, press and big business are allowed to get away with criminal behaviour and the final insult, that people are already anticipating transferring assets like RBS back into private hands having been saved by public money the only way citizens can register a protest is to find some party with even more extreme right-wing views than our current Coalition Government! I understand fully why people would want to vote for a change but wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a protest vote that didn’t involve the complete lunacy of the UKIP policies or moving even further to the right. The time has come for a new political direction that involved caring for the interests of the majority of our people not an unworthy or frankly daft sub-set of the same!


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