No Representation without Taxation!

osborneThe phrase “No Taxation without Representation” I understand was coined by Reverend Jonathan Mayhew in a sermon in Boston in 1750 and by 1765 the term was in use in Boston, and local politician James Otis was most famously associated with the phrase, “taxation without representation is tyranny.”

The imposition of taxation on colonial America by a distant British Parliament was a key factor in the American Revolution and stories of the “Boston Tea party” a name that has resurrected itself in recent American elections has brought it once again to the fore.

But what about representation without taxation? ( you see the heading wasn’t a typo!), by which I mean should we not expect anyone who has the power to throw people out of work, impose swingeing cuts, raise taxes on the poor and remove benefits, not have to qualify by living in the world that they create?

“Do as I say, not as I do” is not an attractive philosophy to live by and I believe nobody should be allowed to buy exemption from the real world.

I have no real issue with people being able to earn a lot of money, although I do feel rather suspicious of anyone who earns millions of pounds feeling that he needs and is entitled to have more.

It is not personal wealth that is an issue necessarily; it is what influence that money can buy for you that I am particularly uncomfortable with.

How much is enough? Someone who earns £5 million a year and wants £10 million is a problem for me – what does he want to do with £10 million that he can’t do with £5? I suspect whatever it is; he is not demanding it because he wants to use it for good works!

However, that is a diversion, what really, really annoys me is that avaricious people like our current Chancellor of the Exchequer uses phrases like “We are all in this together” when he hoards money offshore to protect his inherited trust fund from Tax in the Country he seeks to control financially. Tory politicians put funds in their wife’s name and transfer it off shore on the pretence that it has something to do with preventing conflicts of interest and did we ever actually get any of the money we were promised by William Hague out of Lord Ashcroft who as far as I can tell never fulfilled his promise to pay proper taxes in this Country – if he wants to pay taxes in Belize rather than here, then let him seek to influence the Belize government not ours.

The cases are endless.

Perhaps we should have a law that prevents anyone having any position of authority or influence in this country unless they pay tax on all their income here. If they don’t want to pay taxes here, then fine go and ruin somebody else’s country and stay out of ours.

Because thanks to Osborne & Co, we are “In it together” right in it – and right up to our necks!


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