The Lizard Men? – They’re already here…

Lizard ManThere has been a conspiracy theory for many years that there is an elite grouping of individuals from all over the World, rich powerful individuals, (all men of course) who secretly run the World.

They meet in secret, exotic places and decide everything, proving that our Western Democracies are a sham, they exist only to create a veneer of accountability that keeps the Plebs in place, docile and compliant, often via the Orwellian trick of keeping us in fear of some unseen and despicable enemy who only our far better informed and educated masters can protect us from, by pretending that only they are fully aware of the real facts, (usually for security reasons) and we are far better off just leaving things to them and surrendering, little by little, our liberties, to make that job easier for them.

Some truly bizarre extensions of this conspiracy theory actually suggest that these people are actually aliens in human form, their true identity being that of a Lizard-like creature from another planet.

Crazy eh! – Lizards, cold blooded creatures which do very little but like to lay out in the sun warming their bodies, waiting for food to pass by which they snatch up and gobble down while the rest of us rush around working hard to stay alive and feed them.

We are in big trouble in my view. We are in huge financial difficulties apparently, we owe billions and the chickens have now come home to roost. Our National Credit Cards are maxed out and we have to make massive cuts in our outgoings to pay off the debt that is growing at an alarming rate. We can’t afford it – none of us and we all have to take responsibility for it, we all have to take our share of the medicine because as our noble and wise Chancellor explains ‘We are all in it together’.

Well all of us except the ‘Lizard Men’.

We live in a World where the gap between rich and poor is bigger than it has ever been in modern times and it is getting bigger. As the vast majority of us get significantly poorer they are getting richer – yes, even in recession, their personal wealth is increasing; you simply have to look at how much richer these people are this year than last, despite what is apparently the worst financial crisis in living memory.

The recession was almost entirely caused by Bankers who have escaped the problem entirely, in fact they are demanding increases in bonuses, pay cheques and pensions that are truly mind-boggling, threatening to leave the country if they don’t get them.

It also seems that these are exactly the same people that we owe the money too!

Apparently Policeman take money from journalists, ‘free’ lunches (is there any such thing?)  and freebies in health spas and are allowed to resign rather than being unceremoniously banged up in prison for corruption as would happen with lesser mortals.

Sir Phillip Green puts money in his wife’s name in Monaco and by doing so personally benefits to an amount equivalent to the wages of 9,000 nurses – that champion of the people Sir Richard Branson is proposing to put some of his earnings into a Swiss tax haven to avoid paying tax here. Even our own Chancellor has his personal offshore tax avoidance scheme – how hypocritical can one person get?

This is not a party political thing, labour politicians as well as Tories have spent years running around after odious creatures like the management of News International who are also a big part of the ‘Lizard’ culture.

Of course the idea that these people are aliens bent on our destruction is silly isn’t it? Although I suspect I have about as much in common with the likes of Osborne, Cameron, Clegg and Milliband as I would with some lizard creature from a far-off galaxy!


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