Capitalism – incompatible with social wellbeing?

WestminsterHere is a little change we could instigate immediately which, although totally neutral in effect, might actual challenge the thinking of some of our politicians. It is simply this.

MPs (Members of Parliament) should change to RPs (Representatives of the People).

So what’s in a name? – Well I think this would have the effect of reminding our politicians what they were actually in Parliament for, rather than making them sound like members of a club that the rest of us are excluded from.

It beggars belief that at a time when the people they are supposed to represent are suffering real hardship, imposed by them, they feel that they can even consider giving themselves a pay rise. This is simply obscene, and as the architects of the failure of policy that has led to the financial crisis, it is no more justified than the Bankers awarding themselves huge bonuses on the back of behaviour that has damaged us so badly and happened under the politicians (of all parties), watch.

In a just society, they would be suffering the same swingeing devaluation in their living standards that the people they are supposed to be representing are currently facing.

Perhaps then they would come to the conclusion that leaving anything important in the hands of private companies is not a good idea.

The executives of a private company have a duty to their shareholders not to society, so expecting them to do the right thing and voluntarily contribute to the well-being of the people is naive and stupid.

Business is amoral – it does not care about society, only profit; which is why they try to avoid as much tax as possible, pay starvation wages and live off the monies they can squeeze out of the public purse either via subsidies, tax breaks or by allowing the State to pick up the difference between the criminally low wages they pay and a living wage.

It is these businesses who are creating the massive welfare bill not the claimants.

The only way to get a proper rate of tax from these companies is to force them to pay tax on revenue generated in the Country – regardless of where the Company claims for tax purposes, the deal is finalised.

If they don’t then they should not be allowed to do business in the UK, and this is the major reason in my view for remaining in the European Union. If companies like Amazon, Google, Starbucks etc were told to pay tax or be excluded from the World’s biggest market, they would pay their taxes.


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