Stop prevaricating end bribery now… buildingsAs a parent I can attest to how frustrating children can be when they deliberately pretend that they do not understand what you are saying to them and talk absolute nonsense when confronted with evidence of their misdemeanours.

When this kind of behaviour is from a fully grown adult especially when that adult has power and authority over the lives of the citizens of this Country, feelings go beyond frustration into anger and incredulity.

I have been listening to a procession of senior politicians over the last couple of days waffling on in that particular type of nonsensical political speak which seems to be deliberately designed to miss the point or confuse it to such an extent that nobody really understands what they are saying anymore.

Life is, or should be very simple.

MPs should NOT receive money from lobby groups, regardless of whether they register an interest or not – if a lobby group is paying an MP to ask a question or promote their interest in Parliament that is simple bribery and both the giver and the receiver should go to jail.

If it is a cause he genuinely believes in, then he can raise the subject anyway, if he is being paid that tarnishes his credibility – whether that payment is in cash or kind.

If an MP is convicted of receiving a bribe or for any other criminal activity for that matter, he should be removed immediately on conviction, disbarred from ever standing for Parliament again, and where appropriate surcharged for any financial or legal costs or damage done to the Public finances.

Any convicted criminal should automatically lose any awards, titles, privileges they have been awarded – before or after the criminal activity subject of the charge.

This includes both in the Commons and in the House of Lords. Under no circumstances should a convicted criminal be allowed to play any part in the development of Laws that they clearly themselves do not consider apply to them.

No MP should have any other job or salary from any other outside organisation, only personal activity would be allowed such as writing a book – but then only on their own behalf not on behalf of another Company, whilst they are an MP or Lord.

Nobody in Parliament who acts as a Minister should be allowed to leave and take a job with any business in an industry for which they were responsible whilst in office for a minimum of 5 years after leaving office.

No MP should have a second job whilst they are in office. Only receipted expenses should be paid and only where they can be proved to be directly related to their activity as an MP.

As our Russian Meerkat says – Simples!

Stop prevaricating and do it now.


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