Attacks on universality of certain benefits

Ed BallsIf the only thing that the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls can come up with as an alternative to George Osborne is to attack the universality of winter fuel allowance then the Labour Party are in big trouble!

Saving a mere £100 million, this is a fig leaf to suggest that he would be hard on unearned benefits as some attempt to pander to a belief that voters don’t like people (usually other people!) getting something for nothing.

If he (and Osborne for that matter) spent a little more time collecting fair taxes from people who genuinely can afford it and refuse to pay it, not only will it be fairer – but it will actually raise more money.

Simply ask wealthy individuals who earn above a certain level of income to declare the fact in their tax returns and lose an equivelent amount in their tax allowance to account for it. If they fail to do so – impose a punitive penalty on the offender for failing to do so (and I mean punitive!)

Of course, this only makes sense if you can actually be bothered to chase rich people for their taxes rather than allowing them to opt out of society as they seem able to do now.

We cannot continue with a system that forces the poorest in our society to pay for the greed of the wealthiest.


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