Strangely – Arming murderers is never a good idea.

William HagueWith William Hague on behalf of our Government and the French ending the embargo that could lead to the arming of ‘the rebels’ in Syria, (whoever they are), I would make a little suggestion. We should record details of any weapons supplied (including things like checking the rifling on rifles and anything else that will help identify these weapons) – so that when, as inevitably will happen, these weapons are used to kill British soldiers further on down the line, that the family of any soldiers so killed can confront Mr Hague and ask for his justification for an escalation that led to the killing.

We have no idea who we are potentially arming in Syria – as we hear stories of ‘rebels’ who are prepared to cut out the heart of a dead soldier and bite into it in front of his followers I wonder what kind of sick mind would consider arming such people. Yes, I mean you Mr Hague.

Read about it here.


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