Missing the point of the Independence Debate?

Scottish ReferendumOn Thursday the 18th September the Scottish people go to the polls to vote in the Independence Referendum and at the time of writing it seems the vote is pretty much split down the middle and apparently it is too close to call.

Personally, born and living in England, albeit of Scottish descent, I do not get a vote and that seems fair enough to me, as whether Scotland governs itself or is governed from Westminster seems to me, quite rightly, to be a decision for the people who are going to be directly affected by the consequences of that decision.

But that does not mean I don’t have an opinion, or the right to express one.

It is my view that we have had, for a lot of years now, a complete deficit of Democracy in the whole of the UK which although obviously easier to identify in Scotland, as they almost never, ever get the representation they vote for, applies to everyone in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We have a Government that is almost entirely London Centric, in fact not even London Centric but almost completely focused on the well-being of one square mile in the centre of London and then only insofar as it effects somewhere between 1% and 10% of the wealthiest individuals and businesses who own and control most of the money and power.

Our Government is in power and operates for the benefit of, and at the forbearance of, this rich and powerful elite. By no stretch of the imagination do they represent the vast majority of our Nation or the people in it.

For example, writing to my MP is about as useful as a post box on a tombstone. He does not represent me or the rest of his constituents, he represents the views and requirements of his party leader – in this case, David Cameron, but the same applies for almost all MPs from any of the mainstream parties.

Now perhaps this would be less of a problem if there was, as used to be the case, some kind of difference between them, but there isn’t. All the parties are now effectively a faction of the same, broadly right-wing party.

They are called Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems (and latterly and frighteningly also UKIP) – but might just as well be called Blue Tories, Red Tories and Yellow Tories (accidentally a surprisingly apt colour for the LibDems).

There is no opposition and they all have basically the same agenda which is to transfer more power from the citizens of this Nation to a small elite, destroying as it does so, our proudest institutions like the NHS, Royal Mail, Gas, water, electricity, transport infrastructure and Welfare system and delivering it into the hands of, and for the benefit of this small and greedy elite who are constantly and increasingly becoming fatter as inequality grows and the gap between rich and poor gets ever wider.

Up to now, it has been almost impossible to put an end to the inequality and vandalism of everything that is most important in this great nation – but the Independence Referendum is a little beacon of light, an opportunity to put an end to this system and win ourselves a little more democracy and representation.

It is not about separation it is about change – not only in Scotland – but in the rest of the UK as well – and it will work.

Already, even before the vote, people in England are beginning to demand more autonomy, more local accountability and devolution of power

It is not the end of anything but the beginning of an unstoppable movement to a fairer and more representative society that looks after all of the people not just the riches 10%.

It seems that many people do not understand this – but our power hungry elite in Westminster do, that’s why we have seen in the last few days an unholy alliance offering Devo-Max to Scotland after initially refusing it – anything to prevent the growth of democracy and to keep their cosy cabal in Westminster together and in control.

What else could put people like Cameron, Milliband, Galloway and Farage in the same gang? – only the fear of power moving from them to where it belongs – the voters.

As so often in the past – Scotland is in the vanguard, if you truly love Scotland but still also care about England – help us – vote YES and don’t destroy the greatest opportunity for real democratic, political and social change we have had for years by missing the opportunity to make these people and their big business paymasters work for us again – the citizens of this Nation.


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