The End of the Independence dream?

Stockholm Syndrome

I have taken a couple of days to mull over the outcome of the Scottish Referendum and it seems to me that a large proportion of the Scottish people were suffering from some kind of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. On a lighter note I also thought of the scene from ‘Life of Brian’ where the prisoner – hanging as he was in chains from the wall of a Roman dungeon praises his oppressors crying ‘Nail them up, Nail some sense into them’!

I sit here in England 14 miles or so from David Cameron’s house and I am amazed at how easily 55% of my beloved Scotland fell for a fear and uncertainty campaign by unscrupulous politicians, an unholy alliance of Cameron, Clegg, Milliband, Brown, Darling, Galloway & Farage along with their paymasters in the finance sector and global business who pretty much brought the UK to its knees with greed and criminality in 2008 and continue to further transfer wealth and influence from the people to themselves.

They believe in nothing but their own power and influence.

We see violence beginning in the streets now as Scotland’s answer to the BNP and EDL inflict their racist and bigoted views on the Country and already the promises offered to the gullible by Cameron and Co and backed up by the traitor (not too strong a word I believe) to the Scottish people – Gordon Brown.

Brown is considered a laughing stock in England but somehow it seems an invigorated hero in parts of Scotland.

In my view he is for those of you who know your History ‘Toom Tabard’ to David Cameron as the modern day equivalent of John Balliol to Edward in the 14th century, a lackey to a far right agenda in the UK.

The promises made by these unscrupulous people are already unravelling as they started reneging on Brown’s empty promises even before the polling booths were dismantled.

So as they ask the 45% of you who saw through their empty lies and rhetoric to honour your agreement and give up your hope for Independence I would say an agreement is only valid when both parties adhere to its terms.

If Cameron and Co deliver ‘Devo Max’ then it would be perhaps a real agreement – but in my view they will not and are already making plans to renege on it to protect themselves from an attack from what really should be renamed the English National Party, UKIP, who hate Scotland and who refer to Britain and the United Kingdom, when actually they mean England.

Milliband panics at the thought of losing 40 or so MPs in Westminster if suddenly the Scottish Labour MPs can no longer vote on English matters.

Very soon we could have an extreme right wing Government with Farage, in coalition with other Scotland haters in charge of the so-called ‘United’ Kingdom.

You 55% made a mistake but what to do about it?

Get behind the SNP – leave Labour, Tory, LibDem whoever it is you think you support now and join the SNP until every representative of Scotland in Westminster cares about the people of Scotland.

Drive Brown, Milliband and his Red Tory traitors out of Scotland just as you have done with the Tories and the LibDems and hold Cameron and Brown to their promise and timetable.

The minute they break the ‘Devo Max’ promise they hinted at, but wont deliver. Then have another Independence Referendum.

This time you will win.


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1 Response to The End of the Independence dream?

  1. I think you nailed it. Stockholm Syndrome is a good way of describing many voters ad the way they think.
    Ultimately people failed to think of the wider picture and got sucked into a cycle of fear inducing ‘leaks’ and politiking, the most successful tactic of all time. People were scared and that swung it.
    People went for southern lies from a place that cares not for Scottish welfare, over the chance to get away from all that and to run ourselves.
    Such a shame, but its not all bad.
    Great breakdown.

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