Unemployment Figures? – It depends on your definition of a job.

UnemploymentThe current Government are keen to claim that their policies are working and this is backed up by the number of new jobs created in the Private Sector to replace those being lost in the Public Sector.

It seems to me that if a job is so badly paid it needs to be subsidised by the State – it is NOT a job – it is a State-Funded Employment Scheme. It benefits not the recipient, who is just being raised above starvation level, but the parasitical business that pays the inadequate salary in the first place (and thereby their shareholders). Discount these jobs to get the true number of unemployed and you will see that we are making no progress whatsoever in job creation and we are supporting businesses that have an unworkable business model. Such companies should not be allowed to provide any public services of any kind and certainly should not be given tax breaks to encourage their parasitical behaviour.

Add into this the inherent insecurity of ‘zero hours’ contracts and you have an attempt it seems to me to return to the days where, for example, dock workers were obliged to turn up every morning and employers selected a few to work that day – often descending into the obscenity of throwing job tags in the air and watching the dockers fight amongst themselves for the work.

Decent pay and security of employment are intrinsic to any society that claims to be ‘civilised’.


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