The Chilcot Report – or lack of it!

Sir John ChilcotIf I asked a cowboy builder to put up a conservatory for me and gave him 12 months to do it and PAID HIM and he failed to honour his part of the bargain – I would want my money back and would ask someone else to do it and expect the original builder to pay. Chilcot was supposed to report by 2010 on his enquiry into the Iraq War – we now hear we’ll be lucky if we see it in 2015. He should be sacked immediately – and ordered to hand over all his current information to a replacement who should be given 3 months to publish the report (i.e. BEFORE the election.) The Police Serious Crimes Squad should be investigating Chilcot to see if any fraudulent abuse of public money has taken place – and in any event he should be asked to refund all earnings he received from the date he was originally supposed to report up to date – if necessary declare him bankrupt and sell his house and any other assets he might have to hand back to the public purse – if people don’t like the conclusions of the report let them challenge it in Court.

ANY OTHER ACTION (or lack of it) constitutes a WHITEWASH and a cover up.

PUBLISH CHILCOT NOW with or without him (preferably without as he seems to be the reason for the delay and no doubt he is earning massive amounts of tax payers money all the time he delays this report.)


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