The deliberate lie…

Alleged Tax AvoidanceJust about nothing irritates me more than the deliberate, lying tactic, mostly perpetrated knowingly by politicians of one kind or another, of conflating someone’s objection on any given subject to some kind of tacit approval of its polar opposite!

Classic recent cases are of the way many of us who always opposed the Iraq War were accused of being apologists for, or even supporters of Saddam Hussein. George W. Bush’s use of the term ‘Patriot’s Act’ for legislation to remove liberties from his own citizens hints that if you are opposed to it – you are somehow not a patriot.

In the UK if you are opposed to austerity cuts aimed at the poorest and most needy people in our society¬† you are somehow considered to be a supporter of Benefit Fraudsters and ‘Scroungers’.

The list is endless and the latest incarnation is the dishonest tactic of labeling anyone who is opposed to large corporates and accountancy firms avoiding tax or those who want serious sanctions imposed on criminals in our financial institutions as somehow ‘anti-business’.

Italian-born chief executive Stefano Pessina of the Boots Group pays little tax and lives in Monaco to make sure he pays as little as possible – but considers he has the right to pontificate on how Britain runs its economy.

Being anti Amazon, Ebay, Starbucks, vodafone et al – is not being anti-business.

They are parasitical organisations that contribute very little to the well-being of our society as they do not pay their fair share of tax they often scrounge off the State by paying such low wages their businesses are effectively subsidised by the state benefit system, they horde vast amounts of money (Apple have $140 Billion hidden away in tax havens and borrow money to pay dividends, rather than expose their assets to taxation) and frankly we would be better off without them.

Give tax breaks to businesses that employ people at proper rates of pay and pay their taxes not the ‘Global Benefit Scroungers.’

Being anti tax dodgers is simply pest control and would rid our society of a disease that is slowly poisoning our society. The sooner they leave and go and live with their money the better we will all be.


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