Moronic, ideological twaddle!

Street CleanerSo let me get this idea of Cameron’s straight.

We force young people to work 30 hours for their benefit – which equates to £1.92 an hour.

This means that our friendly, caring global  businesses – can sack people on minimum pay and zero hour contracts to get further subsidised by the State (OUR money because the State doesn’t actually have any) to be replaced by these young ‘slaves’ (I use the term advisedly),  for even less money than the already starvation levels currently being paid, to generate even greater profits for these often tax-dodging global businesses.

Or they could be picking up litter, cleaning war memorials, cleaning out drainage ditches etc.

Am I missing something? – if these jobs need doing – then why don’t we PAY people to do them? Isn’t that what people used to do when we still gave a toss about the environment we lived in?

It was what we called ‘The Public Sector’ – before that became some kind of dirty word and people used to work to carry them out, doing what used to be called A JOB which allowed them to earn a living of sorts, feed themselves and their families, heat their houses AND pay taxes.

This kind of ideological, moronic thinking is however clearly attractive to the kind of idiotic, simplistic view of the kind of bigoted fools in UKIP that Mr Cameron is so afraid of.


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