Our Principles

These are some of the basic principles of our group. These may be modified over time as our membership grows but in general we believe that our Democracy is failing our people and major changes are required to create a more democratic and egalitarian society. If you have views or suggestions please feel free to contribute via our contact page! More details on these basic principles will be provided via hyperlinks.

  1. We Believe in a mixed economy with a strong Private & Public Sector
  2. Any service essential to human existence must be in, or be returned to, the Public Sector (Health, water, Gas, electricity,education, transport etc)
  3. All banks must offer a free to use basic bank account to any citizen requiring one.
  4. All MPs will stand as Independents and represent their constituents NOT a Political Party.
  5. We should set a realistic ‘living wage’ set at a level such that working people should not need additional assistance from the state to supplement their income.
  6. No government contracts will be awarded to any company not paying at least the ‘living wage’ level to its employees.
  7. No government contracts will be awarded to any company paying executives more than 25 times the rate of their lowest paid employee.
  8. Any personal wealth in excess of £1 billion will be subject to a tax rate of 150%.

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