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Michael Sheen – if only politicians sounded like this!

No comment is necessary to this speech by actor Michael Sheen on St David’s Day on 2nd March 2015… “In 1945 Aneurin Bevan said: ‘We have been the dreamers, we have been the sufferers, and now, we are the builders.’ … Continue reading

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Missing the point of the Independence Debate?

On Thursday the 18th September the Scottish people go to the polls to vote in the Independence Referendum and at the time of writing it seems the vote is pretty much split down the middle and apparently it is too … Continue reading

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Local election results

Isn’t it interesting that at a time when we are seeing the total collapse of the Capitalist system, where inequality is growing faster than it has ever done, where our utilities are milked dry by private interests who steal our … Continue reading

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Privatisation by the Back Door? – Nope they’re coming right in the front!

A while back a letter dropped on my mat and I ripped it open carelessly expecting yet another piece of unsolicited junk mail. At first it didn’t seem so, as it was from my local GP Practice, so, as with … Continue reading

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