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Our Latest Poll – on SNP outside Scotland

Following the recent Scottish Referendum result it is clear that the SNP policies met with significant support and that has triggered a new interest in achieving some kind of new deal for UK democracy, not only in Scotland, but in … Continue reading

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The End of the Independence dream?

I have taken a couple of days to mull over the outcome of the Scottish Referendum and it seems to me that a large proportion of the Scottish people were suffering from some kind of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. On a lighter … Continue reading

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In discussions on the Scottish Referendum have we forgotten the economy?

Interesting article from Michael Meacher MP – not much of a friend to the Labour elite or the Government but interesting none the less. Read Here

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Missing the point of the Independence Debate?

On Thursday the 18th September the Scottish people go to the polls to vote in the Independence Referendum and at the time of writing it seems the vote is pretty much split down the middle and apparently it is too … Continue reading

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